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HYDE Rallyduro Kits to rev up your ride

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If you haven't already heard about the new Rallyduro Kits available from HYDE, then read on!

Terence Hyde has been at it again designing some awesome new products to rev up your ride.


                                        The Rallyduro kit from HYDE transforms your bike into a Rally bike.

The Rallyduro Kit is made up of a screen, bracket, fittings, shroud, dash, handguards, 4 LED lights, sump guard, front disc guard, tank system, clutch casing and ignition guards. The kit is comprised of 4 parts, allowing you to purchase as desired.

The kit is super lightweight which means it does not adversely affect the bike's handling, which is especially important when riding through sand and other technical sections.

Let's take a look at each of the products that make up the Rallyduro kit.

The dash and shroud were carefully designed to ensure that the front wheel is still visible to the rider - extremely important in technical terrain. The dash accommodates the speedometer, gps, and ACC plug and the design and angle allow for easy visuals of the dash while riding for obvious safety reasons. The dash is also positioned and designed to be easy to see passed. 


The well-designed screen is super flexible for offroad use, and offers rider protection at high speeds, as well as providing full visibility.

The 4 LED lights have a "BRIGHTS" option which makes night riding a whole lot easier and safer, with better vision for the rider.


The handguards are HYDE XXX Handguards which come with a lifetime guarantee of the bars bending. After extensive testing against the other popular bars on the market, HYDE XXX Handguards are the lightest and strongest bars on the market. The design also accommodates for "over-the-bars" falls to prevent wrist injury with the lower-lying bar and shorter shield. The bars are made from superior strength aircraft grade aluminium, with the strongest bar retention to prevent loosening on impact. The shields are available in a range of colours including "FLO" designs. As used by Kirsten Landman and other top riders worldwide.


The tank system comprises of a tank, mountings, tap, fuel pump adaptor, and washable filter system. The tank is made with HYDE's special carbon kevlar infusion method, with added billet aluminium components. The tank holds 6 litres of fuel and is designed so that the weight of the fuel is well-centered and does not affect the handling of the bike. The tank has a very secure mounting system for rough conditions.


The sump guard has all the typical features of HYDE's usual super tough, super strength poly blend guards. Manufactured using HYDE's secret poly blend formula. The sump guard has been recently redesigned for improved performance. The guard absorbs impact instead of transferring it to the bike, unlike metal guards. Shatterproof, unlike plastic guards. The smooth finish glides the bike over rocks and other obstacles. The guard has a "memory" and will return to its original shape after impact. Secure mountings ensure the guard will not rattle loose if installed correctly. The guard is extremely lightweight.


The clutch casing and ignition guards are also made by HYDE's carbon kevlar infusion method for optimum strength, unlike most other guards that use a very basic hand-laying method. The air is extracted from the guard, making it stronger gram for gram than other guards on the market. 

During our drop-tests HYDE's carbon kevlar infusion guards proved 3 to 5 times stronger than all other popular carbon guards tested.


The front disc and fork guard is made from the same super tough poly blend material as the sump guard and so has many of the same advantages and features. It will not bend into the disc and offers great protection against rocks and other technical obstacles.

The kits are sold as follows:

Kit 1: Screen, bracket, fittings, shroud dash, handguards, 4 LED lights - this kit weighs only 3kg!!!

Kit 2: Sump Guard and Front disc guard

Kit 3: Tank System

Kit 4: Carbon Kevlar Infusion clutch casing guard and ignition guard

The kits are now available from your nearest dealer or order online on the HYDE website at www.hyde.co.za

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