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Hyde Super Tough Poly Blend Guards - what makes them better than the rest?

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When we first brought out our poly blend range of guards, we would hear the same question time and again - "how can a piece of plastic protect your bike?"

Those who have used our poly blend guards know that this material isn't just any piece of plastic.

Founder of Hyde Guards, Terence Hyde, developed this material alongside professionals in the industry, to create the ultimate protection for motorcycles. Starting with the sump guard for dirtbikes, the material needed to be extremely tough and durable to protect the vulnerable undercarriage and casings of the bike.

The poly blend material he developed, our secret recipe, has not been used by any other guard manufacturer in the world. Time and again it performs beyond what any other guard can do.

However, leading manufacturers around the world have tried to imitate our poly guards without success.

Some significant points, to mention a few:

*each guard is individually moulded to the exact shape of each bike model, to ensure a snug and streamlined fit.

*unlike aluminium and metal guards, our poly guards will not hook up on rocks and other obstacles, but rather glides the bike smoothly over them.

*they will not rattle loose.

*unlike aluminium and metal guards, they will not dent. The poly blend material has a "memory" which means it returns to its original shape after impact.

*unlike aluminium and metal guards, our poly guards will not transfer the impact to the bike. The poly blend material is designed to absorb the impact.

*unlike aluminium and other metal guards, they are extremely lightweight.

*the material and design of the sump guards allows the engine to run cooler.

*unlike plastic guards, our poly guards will not shatter.

Poly blend guards in our range include sump guards, exhaust sump guards, swingarm and disc protectors, front disc and fork protectors, handguard shields, and more. These products are available for both dirtbikes and adventure bikes.

These guards have helped riders all over the world finish rides and races for over 30 years.

Don't go riding without them!

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