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What are we hiding?

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Not just a pretty face. Hyde Guards have gone to new levels in carbon fiber protection technology. We thought we'd let you know exactly what we are hiding inside our Carbon Kevlar Infusion Guards, and why!

Most other carbon fiber guards, are made using a very simple hand laying method, with very basic carbon fiber materials. Our guards have the huge advantage of added kevlar ( the same material used to make bullet proof vests), which is infused to extract all the air from the guard.

Our Carbon Kevlar Infusion Exhaust Guard has added heat resistant silicone strips that have been specially formulated to cushion the exhaust pipe during impact, and allow air to flow between the exhaust and the guard to prevent overheating.

During our "drop test", our Carbon Kevlar Infusion Guards proved 3 to 5 times stronger weight for weight, than any of the other popular guards that we tested.

9 layers of lightweight, superior protection goes into each Carbon Kevlar Infusion Exhaust Guard to ensure optimum strength.

Take a look what's inside: 

The recipe behind our guards has been developed after extensive research and intensive testing to reach a new level of carbon protection, which is why they are used by top riders worldwide.

Cody Webb

            Cody Webb                                                                                     Wade Young